Amazing Breakfast Ideas In Boston, MA

Hazelnut Coffee Cup
Hazelnut Coffee, Emerson Cafe, Boston © 2017

So we had two mornings in Boston, as we had in New York, we had only paid for our room at the Boston Park Plaza. So we headed off on foot to find places to eat breakfast.


So during our first night we had found the b.good in downtown Boston. They like to make real food fast and where possible using locally sourced ingredients, so this makes for an interesting place with a dynamic and evolving selection to choose from based on time of year and what is in season. As always we decided to choose a few different items and share. We ordered two egg sandwiches, an oatmeal bowl with power Elvis and a yogurt bowl with wake up. Unfortunately they had run out of oatmeal so I swapped this for Acai. The food was freshly prepared and tasted great, the staff were also great and very apologetic that they had run out of oatmeal. The cost of everything we ordered including two coffees came to just over $25, which is comparable. I would certainly recommend a stop off at any b.good and there are plenty to choose from.

Emerson College Cafe

On our second morning we found Emerson College cafe, this is obviously part of the college, but it serves anyone, which I was glad about as the bagels were amazing, we had ordered a selection 2 bagels with Bacon, Egg and Cheese, 3 bagels with Shmear, french toast two plain and one with mayple syrup. We also ordered two large coffees, if they still do it you need to try the hazelnut coffee, it tastes wonderful. The whole meal cost us less than $25. The cafe seems to be part of Einstein Bros. Bagels. They are very tasty bagels and the shmear is very yummy.

The Verdict

Two different, but very delightful places to visit for breakfast, both highly recommended and reasonably priced. You must give these a try the next time you are in Boston. Visited - March 2017.

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