Amtrak - New York to Boston - A Review

Amtrak Boston Back Bay
Amtrak - Boston Back Bay © 2017

So as part of our trip we had booked the transfer between New York and Boston via Amtrak, the decision was based on the fact that there wasn't much between flying and the train, once you had considered having to check in, go through security etc and the flight. We had also seen the Michael Portillo series about the American Railroads using his trusty Appelton's guide book.

We took the 11:03 train from New York Penn Station to Boston Back Bay, the journey took around three hours in total.

The Coaches

The coaches are very spacious, compared to the ones in the UK, probably in part to their wider bodies. There was plenty of isle space as well which is good to see, there was no struggle getting the suitcases down to our seats, there was also plenty of luggage space. The seats were very comfy and spacious, you didn't feel cramped and in constant need to adjust your seating position to stay comfy.

On Board Coffee

So I decided to venture to the buffet car as we call it over here in the UK for a coffee, we were towards the front of the train so I had to go back a couple of carriages to get there, but this was as easy and quick with the wide isles. There was no having to squeeze past people, or nudging them or inadvertently pushing your ass or crotch in their faces either, aided by the smooth ride.

The coffee was also reasonably priced and tasted very nice.

Amtrak Coffee
Amtrak Coffee © 2017

The Journey

The journey was quick and trouble free, we also got see some of the amazing scenery between the two cities, we had been talking to an American girl during our trip to Oslo, who said it was a good journey to take and she wasn't wrong.

Amtrak Scenery New York to Boston
© 2017

Amtrak Scenery New York to Boston
© 2017

The Verdict

We are so glad we took this journey, the staff were pleasant and amazing, it was so easy and quick and the added bonus was that we got to see some amazing scenery which we wouldn't have seen if we had flown. We will definitely be using Amtrak again in future visits to the US.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5