How To Spend 48 Hours In Boston, MA, USA

State House Boston, MA
State House, Boston, MA ⓒ 2017

So we arrived in Boston our next calling point in our list, it was rather late in the day, so the only real thing we did was to have a little wander around and look for somewhere to eat.

Day One

So on our first full day in Boston, we have picked up a map from the concierge at the Boston Park Plaza. We had already decided that we wanted to visit the Boston Tea Party Ship. So we set off on foot as we always do, walking through the centre of Boston. On the way we find the bar which the US Sitcom Cheers was based on. We then continue to walk east towards the waterfront. 

Cheers Sign
Cheers, Boston © 2017

Boston Tea Party

Once we reach the waters edge we follow it around until we reach the ship of the Boston Tea Party, made famous at the starting point of War of Independence and the American Revolution.  It was as a rebellion against tax imposed on tea by the United Kingdom, they threw all the tea overboard. There is a museum and you take a look around the ship if you want to.

Boston Tea Party Ship
Boston Tea Party Ship © 2017

U.S.S Constitution

Once we had taken a look at this ship, we then walked back the way we came. and then headed north to the U.S.S Constitution. It is the oldest floating naval vessel named by President George Washington after the Constitution. There is a very nice museum here as well. 

U.S.S Constitution
U.S.S Constitution © 2017

Bunker Hill Monument

If you then head north westerly you can then find the magnificent Bunker Hill Monument. The site of the first major battle of the American Revolution. The Bunker Hill Monument is now in the care of the National Park Service. If you are feeling energetic you can talk the nearly 300 steps to the top of the monument.

We then circled back towards the way we came and discovered the Zakim / Bunker Hill Bridge, it is an amazing sight to see with its diamond shape supports.

Bunker Hill Monument
Bunker Hill Monument © 2017

Boston Common

Boston common is in the centre of Boston and is a large park, patrolled by Park Rangers, it is beautiful to see the trees lit up at night as well as it being overlooked by the golden dome of the State House.

Boston Common
Boston Common © 2017

Day Two

Our last day in Boston was spent wandering around the streets, taking in the picturesque houses and streets, the total opposite of New York. We then came across the shops in the Prudential Centre

Prudential Centre Shops

This a large shopping complex with lots of stores to look around and if you want a spending spree. We took our time to wander around, there was an amazing place called Eataly, it was a supermarket / restaurant, with lots to see, you could watch people preparing food items, there were also plenty of things to taste. We also found The Cheesecake Factory in there and we returned later in the day so we could eat before we left for Boston Logan Airport. As soon as I saw it, my interest was piqued as I recognise from the Big Bang Theory.

The Verdict

Boston is an amazing place to visit, with plenty to do, we could have done with a couple of more days to venture further a field and take in some more of the beautiful city. You need to put Boston on your to visit list, the place is quiet, yet vibrant with lots to see and do, you can even take the Freedom Trail to find out the role of the city during the American Revolution. Boston will definitely be on our list to return to again, amazing city, amazing people, highly recommended.